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Roaring Meg

Wood Burner

Roaring Meg

100% Made in New Zealand

The Roaring Meg is suitable for sleepouts, tiny homes, boats and house buses. The fire + wood storage base unit is tested to AS/NZS 2918:2018 standards and can be permitted.

Note: Price starts at $1.600.

Optional Extras Available

Optional extras and pricing

There are several optional extras, so every Roaring Meg is made to order – that way, you get exactly what you want.




(Without heat shield)


(Including heat shield)

Wood storage base:


Pedestal + wood storage base:


Shot blasting + painting


(Fire only)


(With Base)

2.4 meter flue kit:


(Double skin. Non certified Kit)

Note: Sloped ceilings may require additional parts

4.2 meter flue kit:


(Triple Skin Certified Kit)

Note: Sloped ceilings may require additional parts

Wet-back unit:


Note: This Unit is NOT Clean Air Approved.

4.2m Energy saver kit:
(attic space required) 


4.2m Energy Saver Skillion Roof Flue Kit
Flue heat shield:



260W x 320H x 350D (without heat shield )

320W x 320H x 380D (with heat shield)

Weight: 48kg 

Output: 7-8kW


Made of 6mm mild steel 

Exceptional heat production and retention for her size

  • You can cook on top of the Roaring Meg.

  • Fire will stay alight overnight, when loaded up and turned down – just open her up in the morning to re-light. (We tested this with blue gum and worked a treat!).

Steel finish

Natural steel finish, with a protective coat of stove polish – it looks super

Extinguishes when fully shutdown

Handy when you’re on the move

Air intake - at the top of the door

Two benefits:

  1. Directs air down the glass – keeping it clean and cool

  2. The air then flows down into the bottom of the Roaring Meg, feeding the fire super effectively


  • Fully sealed with quality fire rope

  • Can be hinged either side

Heat shield (optional)

Shields sides and back of the Roaring Meg – recommended if the fire is going into a confined space


You choose the height you want

3mm removable combustion plate

For easy chimney cleaning

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