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Roaring Meg Fires


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Size Is TheFireplace?
    Roaring Meg ​ 260W x 320H x 350D ( - heat shield) 320W x 320H x 380D (+ heat shield) 48kgs Output 7-8KW ​ Mini Meg ​ 200W x 250H x 280D (- heat shield) 250W x 250H x 305D (+ heat shield) 28kgs Output 4-5KW
  • How Long Does It Take To Make?
    One week from production date
  • What heights are the wood storage bases?
    I can make any height to suits your needs. The most popular heights are 400mm and 500mm for both size units.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my fire?
    Normally the lead time is 3-4 weeks but in the colder months this can be up to 5-6+ weeks.
  • What are the heat outputs of your fires?
    The Mini Meg is estimated to be 4-5kw and the larger Roaring Meg is estimated to be 7-8kw.
  • Are your fires tested and certified?
    The Mini Meg is a untested unit and is only to be installed into movable accommodation where are permit is not required. Roaring Meg in combination with a wood storage base has been tested to standards AS/NZS 2918:2018 so a building permit can be achieved.
  • Are your fires clean air approved?
    Neither of my units are clean air approved which is not a requirement when being installed into movable accommodation or in rural areas.
  • How much is freight?
    Freight costs can vary from $110 -$180 all depending on location. If you pick up from your local PBT depot its normally around $110.
  • What finishes do you fires come in?
    The fires standard finish is a natural steel finish with a coat of stove polish applied to protect it from the elements. I also offer the option for your fire to be sand blasted and painted which is advised if you are planning on installing into a boat and near salt water.
  • Do you ship abroad?
    Yes. Please email me you location and fire choice and i will get a qoute together for you.
  • What kind of wood is best to burn?
    The best wood to burn is well seasoned hard woods and will also achieved the longest burn rate.
  • Will your fires burn all night long?
    The Roaring Meg unit will burn through the night when using hard wood such as blue gum. The Mini Meg unit is to small.
  • What are you fires made from?
    Both units are made from New Zealand 6mm hot rolled mild steel please.
  • What clearances are needed between the stove and combustibles?
    For the Mini Meg 200mm is recommended in all directions .With the Roaring Meg a 250mm clearance is recommended. These measurements can be halved when using additional heat shielding to surrounding combustible surfaces. For a certified install of the Roaring Meg please make contact and i will provide you with all documentation and clearances needed .
  • Can i burn drift wood in my Meg?
    This is not advised as the salt can rust the fire from the inside out.
  • Can you cook on your fires?
    Yes cooking on both units is possible with the Roaring Meg unit being the best.
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