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Roaring Meg Fires

Heat Output
Roaring Meg Eco generates an impressive 7.5Kw for her size


Clean Air Approved

Emmisions 0.5 g/kg 

Efficiency 67%

Made of 6mm mild steel
Exceptional heat production and retention for her size

You can cook on top of the Roaring Meg

Steel finish
Natural steel finish, with a protective coat of stove polish - it looks super
Can also be painted to order

Air intake - at the top of the door
Two benefits:

  • Directs air down the glass - keeping it clean and cool.
  • The air then flows down into the bottom of the Roaring Meg, feeding the fire super effectively


Secondary Burn-drawing pre heated air through the rear and being
forced over the fire reducing emissions and increasing efficiency.


Fully sealed with quality fire rope
Can be hinged either side

Heat shield
Shields sides and back of the Roaring Meg
- reducing clearances required

 3mm insulated removable combustion plate
For easy chimney cleaning

 Log base wood storage

Roaring Meg Eco is covered by a 24 month warranty
(please refer to instructions for full details

Roaring Meg Eco Wood Burner



    You can either pay online the total of the order or deposit a $575 initial payment and then the remaining balance closer to the production date.

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